Halo Xbox One

Enjoying your Xbox One? Still eagerly awaiting Twitch TV support to arrive for streaming and other online goodness? Unfortunately, according to a tweet published by the official Twitch TV support account, we've got more months to wait through. Not only that, but it's actually Microsoft who we're waiting on.

It's a pain that the Xbox One doesn't have direct streaming out-the-box, especially since rival PlayStation 4 does. Redmond is working hard for the time being to iron out issues consumers have experienced with the next-gen console, leaving promised features almost on the back burner for now. That said, Microsoft's Upload Studio isn't shockingly bad, right?

Twitch Xbox Support Tweet

Twitch joins YouTube by not being readily available for consumers to stream content straight from their Xbox One consoles to the Internet, but we can't imagine the wait being long now. If we had to guess, we'd say that Twitch is in the same line as you, I and the average Joe, waiting on Microsoft to release an update (or something similar on the backend) to bring Twitch to Xbox One.

While we're unsure as to when Microsoft will  introduce direct streaming on its video games console, Twitch stating that we have some months to wait through (on top of the few months that have passed already) is rather worrisome.

Source: Twitch TV (Twitter)