Twitter Pinpointer

We've been asked the question, "what's the best Twitter app" countless times. Simply put: there isn't one. Well, not really anyway. App choices are entirely subjective to personal preferences and likes. An app we may recommend may not be up your street and you might have another app installed on a Windows Phone. Unfortunately, since there are a handful of apps out there on the store, it can prove rather daunting as a new user to the platform to locate a Twitter client. Luckily, Liquid Daffodil has released a new app to help with that.

Cue Twitter App Pinpointer.

What the app does is asks consumers 20 simple questions about what they require, like and enjoy from a Twitter experience and filters through the catalogue of Twitter clients available on the Windows Phone Store. This way, there's no requirement to search through the store search and spend hours downloading multiple apps to see which one is perfect for you. There's also a neat way to compare feature lists against one another, just in case you require that functionality to be present.


Liquid Daffodil is asking consumers to get in touch, test the app out and see how accurate the data is (as well as seeing if any Twitter apps are missing). Should you wish to get involved, be sure to reach out to the team at If you fire across an email and help the team out with validating data and general testing, you'll also receive the Unlimited Liquid Subscription for free. Not a bad deal (worth $15).

Coming soon to both Windows 8 and Windows Phone.