When Trinket Software released the first beta of its Twikini Twitter client (Twitter + bikini ... say it slowly) in mid-April, we became instant fans. It was lightweight and speedy. And while there were a few beta bugs, worked progressed, issues were resolved and features were added. Twikini has now reached an official Version 1.0 and has shed its beta – and free – status.

There are a couple of pricing options, which is a little uncommon. For $4.95 you get Twikini plus any of Trinket's other applications (see the full list here). Hardly a bad deal. Businesses (that'd be us) are asked to pony up $9.95. There's a third option, but it's not one we condone. Trinket's giving away Twikini to bloggers. (For the record: I purchased a business license.) You're on the honor system here, folks. Do the right thing.

Oh, and we mentioned features. It's worth reading through the version histories, but here are but a few of our favorites:

  • Multiple account access. A must for us.
  • URL-shorteners. TinyURL, bit.ly, etc.
  • In-line Twitpic. View the pic directly in the tweet. Very cool.
  • View a tweet's location on Google maps.
  • Tweet song info. WMP only, unfortunately.

Twikini runs on all versions of Windows Mobile (5 through 6.5, Standard or Pro). You can try the 1.0 release of Twikini for free for 14 days. (Trinket says the previous beta versions will at some point cease to work.) Get the full deets on their site here.

You can follow Twikini on Twitter at @twikini. And as always, we're at @wmexperts.

Update: Version 1.1 is now out, and it fixes a few bugs (one of them a pretty serious one). Go get it here.