Unlike the near-fully featured UWP Twitter app on Windows 10, this Xbox Twitter app is optimized for TV, displaying nothing but trending content.

All this app does is collect and display reels of trending Vines in each category, as well as stories available in Twitter's "Moments" section. You can't browse Twitter, search, or tweet using this app. Instead, all it seems to be for is providing information at a glance.

You can navigate using the joystick and pressing 'A.' Each feed plays through automatically, similar to the Moments section on the Twitter app for Windows 10. You can skip through by tapping the joystick to the right, and return to the main menu by pressing 'B.'

All things considered, this is a surprisingly bare bones app, and given that Twitter has built a real UWP app for Windows 10, I'm not sure why they didn't just submit that for Xbox owners instead. Still, there's no reason why they can't do it in the future.

You can find this app on the Xbox One store by searching for "Twitter for Xbox."

Do you use Vine or Twitter Moments to receive news stories? Let us know in the comments.