We're trying to get excited over this one. We really are. But another rumored brand name for Windows Mobile/Search/Whatever just doesn't do for us what it used to. But we're going to suck it up and and remember that it's all about confusing informing you, the reader, that two more names have surfaced.

Joseph Tartakoff over at PaidContent now brings us Sift.

The name appears to be intended for use with mobile phones, judging by the trademark description. It reads, “operating system software for mobile phones; computer search engine software; computer programs for searching email, text messages, address and contact information.”

But wait. There's more. Enter: Swivel.

However, the company is expected to unveil new online services by the time it launches Windows Mobile 7 next year, and Sift could be one of them. Microsoft trademarked another brand, Swivel, in March, which it said in the application it wants to use for “operating system software for mobile phones (cell phones).”

So let's do a roll call here and see if we've got it all down. There's Kumo, which is a rumored successor to Live Search. Then there's Kiev (or Kyiv, or ???? - please, let's not go down that road again) and Bing, which also are contenders. Throw in Sift and Swivel, and, well, we've just got more names. There you go. Hope everybody's happy.

(Oh, and about that shirt ...)