Tylt Vu

Wireless charging is the future. We’ve been using it on our Lumia 920’s and Verizon branded HTC 8X for a few months now.

Once you start using it cables can’t help but seem antiquated. It’s only in a few smartphones right now, but will only become more and more mainstream as new devices and accessories support it. There’s that deal Nokia made with Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf to outfit coffee shops with tables that support Qi wireless charging (also Virgin Atlantic has a similar deal). We’ve got great accessories like the Nokia JBL PowerUp speaker and an upcoming one from iLuv to charge your devices sans wires. Now here is one more sweet looking accessory to help liberate you from cords.

The Vu is one sexy looking wireless charging Tylt. It comes in a variety of colors to match your phone or mood, like yellow, blue, red, and always classy black. It’s hard to imagine a desk or stand where these wouldn’t look stunning. The stands are angled at 45 degrees in the portrait position. All you need to do is place your phone there and let it charge away. The Tylt Vu is coated in a soft touch surface, so no need to worry about getting scratches from these.

Tylt Vu Blue

They are available for pre-order from Tylt for $69.99. They ship out the first of April (please don’t be an April Fools’ Day joke). We’ll have one for review shortly to let you know if it’s worth your dough. In the meantime, just wanted to highlight a sweet potential accessory for you. Going forward, it is really hard to imagine a flagship device not including wireless charging. Might as well stock up on some cool looking gear.

What do you think? Any color in particular you like over the others? Should this be a future prize? Talk to us below!

Source: Tylt Vu, Via: Phone Arena