With it being Cyber Monday, it’s not too surprising that there are tons of deals happening today. Two that we know may be of interest to Windows Phone users relate to TYLT wireless charger and Incipio cases.

First up, the TYLT Vu Wireless Qi Charger, which comes in black, blue, red or green, normally goes for $69 but can be had today for just $35, including free shipping.

The TYLT charger has three coils onboard, making it highly flexible for many Qi-enabled phones like the Lumia 920, Lumia 928 ad others with added Qi shells.  On top of that, it looks quite snazzy and modern. To grab the deal, head to their store and use the coupon 50off_ty!t during the checkout to get the 50% discount and free shipping.

The other deal is through Incipio, who make some really nice, but overpriced, cases for various Windows Phones and other devices. They’re running a sale with up to 65% savings through midnight tonight.

We recently took a look at the Feather case for the Lumia 1520 and we really liked it, only lamenting its high price. Well, you can knock that case down to just $17.99 with today’s deal. They also have that case for other Lumias, including the Lumia 1020 and Lumia 925.

Either way, if you need some good accessories, make sure you check those out in addition to the Windows Phone Central store!

Source: TYLT, Incipio; via: SlickDeals; Thanks, Sean M. and John B., for the tips!