That was kind of a tease headline in as we're like 99.99% sure that this is a typo on Microsoft Portugal's website. But hey, it's a big, silly typo by Microsoft. Or perhaps they're just not ready to break with their past, convoluted ways?

Anywho, the gist is that on the Microsoft Portugal website for various Windows Phone 7 devices e.g. the HTC Mozart, it lists the OS as "Windows Phone 7; Standard". While for other devices e.g. the LG Pacific it lists the OS as "Windows Phone 7; Professional".

Considering we heard absolutely nothing to imply different OSs at Monday's NYC event, this reeks of "intern did it!" shenanigans. So, if anything, we'd just like to take this moment to highlight Microsoft's mistake and chuckle a bit.

[via Go Windows Go; Thanks, Sam, for the tip]

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