UK courts have granted Nokia an injunction against HTC in a patent case. The patent in question covers a "Modulator structure for a transmitter and a mobile station." The companies have been locked in dispute for some time, with Nokia winning the initial patent battle against HTC's Android hardware.

Nokia is asserting the above patent against HTC in numerous countries (US, UK, Germany, Netherlands, Italy, Japan) and the latter party has until December 6th to appeal against the decision made by the courts. Here's an official statement from Nokia:

"Nokia is pleased that the UK High Court has imposed an injunction on certain HTC products found in October to infringe a Nokia patent. The injunction is stayed until December 6 to allow HTC time to appeal. Pending the appeal, HTC has undertaken not to ship any more of the infringing products into the UK, except the HTC One which it may continue to sell until the conclusion of any appeal. If HTC does not succeed on appeal, the injunction will take effect on all infringing products. Nokia is also claiming financial compensation for the infringement of this patent."

Patent licensing will play a major part in the future of Nokia, following the sale of its devices and services division to Microsoft. Nokia Solutions and Networks (NSN) will join both HERE and the patent portfolio teams under the famous Finnish brand. Head on over to FOSS Patents the full read through.

Source: FOSS Patents; cheers, Riffraffy, for the tip!