A video published on the EE YouTube channel leads us to assume that the mobile operator also had a hand in the magic that Nokia managed to achieve with UK estate agent Foxtons. The footage shows just how the agency manages to save time with Windows Phone. If you look back a few weeks ago, Foxtons recently adopted the Lumia 820 and is actively making use of Windows Phone on the EE 4G network.

We're walked through the Lumia 820, as well as features of Windows Phone with a detailed explanation as to why it fits the business that Foxtons runs on a daily basis. About half-way through we're then thrown into a Mini and taken on a tour around merry ol' London, where Nokia Drive (or HERE Drive, as it's now branded) enables the agents to reach destinations in no time at all.

SkyDrive is then utilised for sharing video, which a property buyer may request from an estate agent to see slightly more than what's in supplied photos. The walkthrough then moves into the Microsoft Office Hub, where Excel is highlighted, and then mail, contacts, HERE Maps and HERE City Lens. It's a good little marketing video, one which we'd like to see published elsewhere.

It's positive to see EE on-board with marketing Windows Phone too.

Source: YouTube