Surface Book

UK residents can get up to £400 cash back when they pre-order the Surface Book laptop when they trade in in their old laptop or tablet. Microsoft started taking pre-orders for its first laptop in the UK, among other markets, earlier in January.

The £400 amount is what those residents will get if they trade in a high-end Apple MacBook. Turning in a standard Intel Core i-based Windows laptop will only get UK buyers up to £175 under this offer, while Microsoft is offering up to £250 for an iPad. There are also a number of different amounts available if they trade in an old Surface tablet, up to £375 for a Surface Pro 3.

Naturally, there are a number of conditions that must be met before you can get your money. The old device that is being traded in must have been bought in the UK and has to be working and undamaged, with a power supply and battery. After UK residents pre-order their new Surface Book, they have up to 14 days to submit their online trade-in claim. If it is approved, they can they package up and mail the old device, and they should receive their cash back payment within 28 days.

By the way, pre-order shipments of the Surface Book itself in the UK are still a few weeks away. The Microsoft Store site currently shows a February 18 date for when shipments will begin.

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