We’ve had lots of talk of the entry level Nokia Lumia 620 as of late and ours (from eBay) just happened to show up today. Unlocked and ready to rock we do a quick unboxing and give your first impressions—so make sure you watch the video below.

In short, we’re kind of in love with the 620. It looks awesome. It feels awesome. And it runs Windows Phone 8 (build 10211 aka 'Portico'). Sporting a nice and contrasty 5MP rear shooter, front-facing camera and expandable storage, the 3.8” 800x480 (ClearBlack) device may seem like a light weight compared to the 920 but thanks to the OS, you’d hardly know it.

Indeed we haven’t noticed much of any lag with the OS for regular functions, even though it “only” has a dual-core 1GHz Snapdragon CPU and 512MB of RAM. That’s good news and it feels way nicer than it’s predecessor, the Lumia 610. While we liked the 610, we think the consumer is getting much more bang for their buck with the 620 both in terms of quality and performance.

Speaking of price, the 620 goes for around $300 unlocked and sometimes lower. You can pick it up on Expansys or through various regional carriers and we recommend you do so. Sadly, no US carrier is on board, which is shame. If AT&T were to offer this for $0 on contract with LTE, it’d be quite huge.

We’ll have more on the 620 in the coming days. Stay tuned as we’re excited about this one.