We mentioned .Net Architects' U.N.I Game Pack some time ago and found it to be an entertaining collection of free games for your Windows Phone. The developer has recently released a follow-up to the Game Pack, the Mega Pack.

The U.N.I. Mega Pack includes seven games including:

  • Jump - jumper game where Santa jumps up your screen
  • Air Hockey - table top air hockey game
  • Shoot - dueling canons
  • Jewel Match - Bejeweled styled game
  • Mini BBall - Similar to paper toss but instead, you shoot mini-bballs at the trash can
  • Tower Defense - As the title implies, a tower defense game
  • Slice Fruit - A Fruit Ninja styled game.

The games are along the lines of a penny arcade games. Simple yet challenging and a nice way to pass the time with. The games are ad supported and easy to pick up.

In tinkering with Mega Pack for a just a short period, the games, for the most part, ran smoothly. There were some stability issues noticed with Mini-BBall and Air Hockey that had the gaming app crash.  In talking with the developer, they are aware of these issues and are working on an update to correct any stability issues present.

U.N.I. Mega Pack is a free game collection for your Windows Phone and you can find it here (opens Zune) at the Marketplace.