U.N.I. Mini BBall isn't a miniature basketball game for your Windows Phone. Instead, Mini BBall brings the sport of paper toss to Windows Phone 7.

The game is simple, toss your paper wad into the trash can to score points. You are hindered by vicious office cross-winds that you'll have to adjust for. The game includes three levels (easy, medium and hard) that moves the waste can further out.

To make your shot, just swipe at the paper wad as it rests at the bottom of the screen. You can angle your swipes to adjust for the wind (indicated just above the wad). If the speed of your swipes has any influence, I couldn't tell. Rim shots are possible but I couldn't bank any shots off the chalk board.

Your score is based on consecutive baskets made and to submit them to the High Score Leaderboard, just tap the "submit" button that appears beneath your score.

U.N.I. Mini BBall is an entertaining, slightly addictive game. I can see Mini BBall being a good choice to pass the time with or to show your teenage son you can still shoot the hoops (in a manner of speaking). U.N.I. Mini BBall is a free game and you can download it here (opens Zune) at the Marketplace.