MSN apps

We've shown you screenshots of the universal Windows MSN apps on Windows 10 Mobile earlier today, but you can now see them in action in our hands-on video. The new apps use the same design language, so they look very similar to each other. Take a look.

You'll notice that they all have a hamburger menu on the top left corner. This menu lists other sections within the app that you can jump into. If there is a search button, it's usually placed on the top right corner. There's also the familiar ellipsis (three dots) that show up at the bottom in some sections of the MSN apps. We'll probably see more apps with the same style in the future. You can download the new MSN apps from the Store beta app on Windows 10 mobile.

Some people will complain about the hamburger menus at the top left corner, but don't forget that Microsoft has cited two important facts about their decision:

  1. People do not use a phone one-handed as much as you may think, especially with large screen phones hitting the market
  2. They have explored alternative design models, but "Being a special unique snowflake works for art but not design."

You can read more about hamburger menus here. So, what do you think? How do you like the new design language? Sound off in the comments!