Band for Tesla is a new app that allows you to take control of your Tesla right from your wrist. With the app you can do basic tasks from your wrist, and see additional information as a Live Tile on your phone. Some of the things that the Band will display include the drive status, current speed and charging status while it will also be able to unlock and lock your car, flash the lights and more. Additional features include:

Information displayed in the Tesla tile includes:

  • Drive status (parked or driving)
  • Current speed (if driving) • Current location
  • Environmental control status (on or off) and inside temperature
  • Door status (locked or unlocked)
  • Charging status and time remaining to full charge

Controls include:

  • Lock/unlock doors
  • Environmental control on/off
  • Flash lights
  • Honk horn
  • Start car (without key)

Band for Tesla is available now as a free download from the Windows Store. If you happen to own a Tesla and Microsoft Band, you will want to check this out. Also, if you are looking for the latest information on Tesla's and what the company is up to, be sure to check out Tesla Central for the latest and greatest.

Download Band for Tesla from the Windows Store

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