Busy day here at WPCentral, what with the news and all plus two of us here have received our unlocked (AT&T) Dell Venue Pros, which as we reported are now available for $299.

We received lots of inquiries about the status of the firmware of this device--specifically is it the latest, greatest firmware to rule them all (v2.12)? Well, Dell did claim all unlocked phones would ship with 2.12 starting at the end of June and true to their word, they do.

As you can see in the picture, the 2.12 firmware and OS version 7392 are on board, making these device as up to date as you can get (without flashing Mango). So far, we've had no lockups or WiFi issue and we have a reported 15+GB of storage available and 512MB of RAM (480 available).

But what about T-Mobile and AT&T branded phones? The former was suppose to get the 2.12 firmware update "around the middle" of July and we're just a bit past that with no update yet. Still, Dell has some wiggle room here so perhaps in the next few days? That's at least better than AT&T branded phones which have no release schedule publicly posted, though we heard some rumblings about August. Neither situation is doing anything to win over current Venue Pro owners though, so here's to a quick fix.

We'll have a hands on with the DVP soon. Until then, we're going to try to figure out to get AT&T data to work on ours--we get "H" for HSDPA, which sounds awesome and promising, but nothin's coming in...