Unlocked Lumia 530 up for UK pre-order, costs a bit more than expected

The Nokia Lumia 530 is now up for pre-order in unlocked SIM-free form in the UK. The budget Windows Phone 8.1 smartphone is anticipated to ship as expected in the first week of September from retailer Unlocked Mobiles.com. There's just one catch… it'll cost you a bit more than Microsoft had promised.

When announcing the Lumia 530 for the UK earlier this month, Microsoft said that it'd cost £60. Granted, that's the pre-VAT price, which would bring the price up to £72. Unlocked Mobiles.com, however, is offering the phone for that price pre-VAT, which jacks it up to £86.98 once all the taxes are included.

So it's your choice. You can pre-order a Lumia 530 today and get it in two weeks, but pay a bit extra for the privilege, or you can wait and see if somebody else decides to offer it at a cheaper price. Or you can get one starting tomorrow, just on-contract from one of the many UK carriers, and pay nothing upfront. Your call.

Source: Unlocked Mobiles.com