ATIV S over the air OS update

It was just yesterday that people in Canada on Bell, Telus or Rogers who also owned the under-rated (and underappreciated) Samsung ATIV S were greeted with a double OS and firmware update, bringing their phones up to the coveted GDR2 status (OS build 10327).

Of course it was later revealed that some features like FM Radio (which may not be supported by the hardware) and the ability to set a pre-defined camera app were missing. Still, the additional bug fixes in GDR2 are nothing to shy away from, including the reduction in the size of Other Storage or the .WAV file support in email.

Today, it looks like those with unlocked and international ATIV S devices, which includes ourselves, are ready to get the update. By heading to your Settings > Phone Update > Check for updates, you can begin to download the OS and new firmware. You will need to be on Wi-Fi to do so and the process to download and prepare will take 5-10 minutes. Then it could take another 20 minutes or so to install the update, depending on how many apps, games and contacts you have installed.

We’re curious as to what this update brings and if it is any different than what those in Canada have received. We’ll follow up as soon as our update process is complete. We only have 871MB free on the device with 5.71GB being devoted to, you guessed it, Other storage. How much will we gain back? Stay tuned.

Update: Our Other Storage has now dropped from 5.71GB to a more reasonable 2.3GB post-update.

Thanks, Tumultus, for the heads up