Grooveshark Windows Phone

We’ve talked about Grooveshark clients supposedly coming to Windows Phone in the past, and for reasons unknown, they have never materialized. There are “wrappers” for Grooveshark’s HTML5 website allowing users to stream music, but that’s quite far from a full app experience.

Now a fairly well known developer, SciLor, is evidently throwing his hat in the ring to give it a shot. What makes SciLor’s attempt a little more interesting is the fact he makes a popular Grooveshark app for Android called GrooveMobile, a PC downloader app for the service and he even had a Windows Mobile Grooveshark client back in the day. In other words, he has the chops and experience to actually pull this off in a non-amateur way.

Grooveshark Windows Phone

The evidence for his Windows Phone 8 client comes via his Facebook page, where it shows an image from some developer tools with “SciLor’s Grooveshark API WP8 (Project 1), and the tease “What do you think is happening at the moment ;)”.

Of course, the big hurdle for a third-party Grooveshark client coming to Windows Phone may be Microsoft. It has been murmured that due to Grooveshark’s iffy legal status (they abandoned Germany due to licensing costs), Microsoft may not be allowing even third-party clients to appear on the marketplace.

We’ll keep following this as it progress. Fingers crossed.

Regarding any hope for an official solution, the last we heard from the company on the matter was one-year ago where they were adamant about no current plans for Windows Phone 7.

Source: Facebook; Thanks, MBaumi, for the heads up