For those of you who are social-media junkies, you'll no doubt have heard of Klout (see site). It's a social-networking ranking system that basically tells you how influential you are based on amount of Tweets, reTweets, Facebook likes, who follows you, how many follow you and who you interact with. It's a weird thing and one more metric to worry yourself over ("OMG, I dropped a point! Why don't they like me!").

Still, it's important for some and Klout offers "perks" aka free offers to those who are socially powerful e.g. a free Windows Phone on top of being a free service that actually has a nice design. In that regard, it's great that Julien Dollon has whipped up an exquisite little app for the service that allows you to check all of your stats dynamically and even keep track of your Klout score via the Live Tile. It's free and amazingly was put together in just six-hours by Julien and his wife, so kudos to them for their talent. Other features include:


  • See and Share your klout score with 2 theme (black/light)
  • Auto update your klout score in the tile each day
  • See your favorite topics and ask for +K
  • See influencers and influencees

We're very impressed with the app--it's smooth, fast, minimalist and just gorgeous to look at. The app will be free and should be available either this week or next as soon as it clears Microsoft's certification. We'll keep you posted. In the meantime, check out Julien's site here.