In our relentless pursuit to find each and every app that can possibly waste time, we present finally a decent version of TextsFromLastNight (see site), the popular SMS-sharing site where the odd, strange and maybe even true messages are traded each day.

The app here by Gaucho Gear is not only free but ad-free (for now at least). While it doesn't feature any way to pass on or favorite interesting messages, the super-minimalist-Metro layout is simple and to the point, especially for such a basic site as TFLN. We do dig the ability to go by area code and read comments on each message and the price is right, so we don't have too much more to say on it.

"All the fun, crazy, and strange humor of has now arrived on your Windows Phone! All the content comes directly from the TextsFromLastNight servers.

By default, the app will filter out offensive language. You can turn that off in the settings menu, if you dare and can legally do so."

Sounds like you want it? Then here's your linky to the Marketplace.