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What Nokia phone is this?

File this under rumor but likely something but the folks at WPDang caught some images off of a Sina Weibo stream that clearly reveal some type of new Nokia prototype phone. For those who don’t know, Sina Weibo is sort of like Twitter in China. The images show what look to be a Lumia-type device running either Windows Phone 7.8 or 8.0. (We were also sent the images by a reader of this site, talan1314)

Not much was revealed about the phone and the images were quickly deleted off of the user’s stream. No specifications were gathered either though it does sport the old Windows flag which may or may not mean something.

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At the very least we can say this could be just another color-variation of Nokia's Lumia series running 7.8--in which case, not a big deal.The most we can guess is this has some Windows Phone 8 hardware but it is still an early build and not production-ready. Either way, it’s at least somewhat interesting to see and perhaps we’ll find out more next month at Nokia World.

Via: WPDang; Thanks, talan1314, for the images