Beer lovers are in for a treat with the latest update in the works for Untappd. Version 3.0 of the beer discovery and tracking app is now available for Android and iOS, but the big news for Windows fans is that it's also coming later this year to the Windows Phone app.

Untappd has a big update in the works for Windows Phone

It's been nearly 2 years since Untappd saw its big 2.0 makeover, so the team behind the app has plenty of new stuff in store for 3.0. The core aspects of the app, allowing you to check-in with beers you like and don't like, remains the same, but 3.0 will let you add information like serving style, flavor profile, and where you bought the beer.

On top of that, 3.0 debuts a new discover experience for finding nearby events, and the app will give you beer recommendations and where to find them. Add to that a new map view, and finding the beer de jour at a nearby spot should be a cakewalk. Version 3.0 also adds the ability to get alerts when your favorite places stock new beers that you can try. Finally, the list feature will let you create as many lists as you want.

There's no word on exactly when version 3.0 will hit Windows Phones other than "later this year," but there's a lot to look forward to when it does. For now, you can read more about the update at Untappd's blog or get an early peek on an iOS or Android device.

Download Untappd from the Windows Store