A new report says that a business owner who took Microsoft to court over an unwanted Windows 10 upgrade to her PC resulted in $10,000 being awarded to her after Microsoft decided to not appeal her case.

Windows 10

The Seattle Times reports that Teri Goldstein, who runs a travel-agency business in Sausalito, California, found that her PC had downloaded the free Windows 10 upgrade without her permission. Indeed, she says she had never even heard of Windows 10 beforehand.

After Windows 10 was automatically installed, she said her PC would crash frequently and was unusable for much of the time, which caused her problems with running her business:

When outreach to Microsoft's customer support didn't fix the issue, Goldstein took the software giant to court, seeking compensation for lost wages and the cost of a new computer. She won. Last month, Microsoft dropped an appeal and Goldstein collected a $10,000 judgment from the company. The company denies wrongdoing, and a spokeswoman said Microsoft halted its appeal to avoid the expense of further litigation.

This news comes just over a month before Microsoft's offer to update older consumer Windows 7 and 8.1 PCs to Windows 10 for free will come to an end on July 29. Many of those owners have complained that Microsoft is being too aggressive in trying to get their PCs to accept the Windows 10 upgrade.