For those of you anxiously awaiting our official app for Windows Phone (see previous announcement here), here's what's going on:

  1. Yesterday the app was rejected by the Marketplace (trivial logo issue)
  2. We made a few lil' changes and just re-submitted (not bad for 24 hrs)
  3. We're now awaiting again for approval, anywhere from 2-5 days

So sorry for the delay, but alas, that's what happens sometimes with this Marketplace. The good news is you're getting v1.1 of the app, which due to the extra time, our awesome developer Jay Bennett was able to compile. This build includes some fixes for bugs we found as well as some speed optimization, meaning the version you'll be getting is even more rigorously tested (we had some more beta testers on board).

Stay tuned as we announce when it's finally ready for download.