Radio Controlled v1.1

The third-party Pandora app Radio Controlled has been met with high praise since its launch last week. It now sits with 4.5 stars out of 55 reviews, making a it quite a hit with you folks who need your music DJ on the go.

Still, a version 1.0 is only an initial attempt and the developer, Bushwood Studios is hard at work with v1.1 which adds a bunch of fixes, tweaks and a few new features as well. We've been running it for the last 24 hours and really like the changes, some of which you can see above in our screenshots:

  • History - View up to the past 10 songs that have played, with options to rate and buy from Zune or Amazon.
  • Station Details - From the Stations page you can drill into a station to Rename, Delete or Pin to the home screen
  • Stop - Some reviews asked for the ability to stop playback.  This will stop playback and remove the song from the volume controls.
  • Muic & Video integration - Radio Controlled now shows up under apps in the Music Hub
  • Bug Fixes including changing stations reverts to old station issue and some pause/resume stability fixes.

The update should be submitted very soon to the Marketplace, meaning we can expect this either this weekend or early next week--we'll keep you posted. If you want more features, contact that dev via the app and he'll start adding things for version 1.2.

For now, you can grav version 1.0 for free in the Marketplace right here or click-to-enlarge the QR code below.

QR: Radio Controlled