We’ve noted in the past that despite the Lumia 1520 being one of our favorite Lumias to date, like everything in the world of technology it had a few nits that bothered us.

One of those was the often reported ‘screen sensitivity’ complaint, where scrolling with the display would frequently result in a tap. Think of scrolling through your emails and instead of scrolling down, you open a message up unintendedly. Another example would be on 6tag, the double-tap to like feature of the app would be activated when just swiping through photos.

We’re getting a few reports that today’s Extras + Info update has essentially fixed this problem. On our Lumia 1520, we have to admit that it does seem to be better. Others, however, are not so convinced.

Nokia did respond to user complaints in their help forum, noting that an over-the-air software update was due to fix the issue in January:

“Hi, We are working on it. Issue will be fixed with the new SW release available over the air during January 3rd or 4th week. Sorry for the inconvenience...”

Software updates imply things like Extras + Info instead of more drastic firmware changes, which would require carrier approval. Could today’s update have been the one? We’re working to find out, but with CES wrapping up and it being late on a Friday, we’ll have to wait to confirm.

Have you noticed an improvement on your Lumia 1520? Sound off in comments.

Via: WPCentral Forums; Thanks, Asham S., for the tip