...and now for the clarification about the claim Skype won't be doing a Windows Phone 7 client.

Turns out it's a mixed bag. According to MobileTechWorld, the actual quote from Dan Neary regarding a WP7 client was this:

(it) is on the roadmap, the question is how quickly we’re going to get to it. We feel that we are best best deployed on other operating systems (for now) and we’ll see how the space evolves.

Now for the mixed bag part. One of MobileTechWorld's commentators was in the audience at the time and can lend some context, which is always important when bombshell quotes are dropped:

Hi, I was actually at the briefing yesterday and support for windows phone 7 was my question to Dan (being a HTC Touch Pro user currently).

Initially Dan was defensive and indicated there would be no support for the platform as the company was focusing on other opportunities (getting a proper iPad client out the door) however when pressed as to why Windows Phone 7 wasn’t even on the horizon for Skype, he backed down slightly and indicated (reading between the lines) that Skype would be reviewing Windows Phone 7 support after the platform launches and seeing how the market develops.

This combined with an official comment from Skype, attained by TechRadar, suggests a more non-committal position:

We explore rigorously opportunities presented by new mobile platforms, and Windows Mobile 7 is no exception. However, we don't discuss future platform developments, and have no further information to offer at this time.

Bottom line is this: so far Skype is not rushing to embrace WP7 by any means, but they certainly don't seem to be slamming the door shut either. Best bet is the usual one: let us see what happens.