Just a quick update on some of our polls that we've been running the last few days.

Sure, they're unscientific and self-selected, but hey, your opinions matter here and it's always nice to get a rough idea of what you folks are thinking.

On should Microsoft rename 'Windows Phone 7' to something, well, more catchy you guys are pretty evenly split with 52% of you saying 'no' and 48% saying 'yes'. Of course, it is somewhat rhetorical at this point, but still indicative of Microsoft's choice of branding.

Regarding how happy you are about the Windows Phone 7 hardware (this was before the HTC T8788 leak), 45% of you are generally happy, 38% are underwhelmed and only 16% are really impressed.  We're betting those numbers have improved slightly for the positive side since the HTC leak, but clearly OEMs have to go further to impress you.

Finally, a hidden poll in the Xbox story asked if you were impressed by Microsoft's announcement/offerings with Xbox LIVE and Windows Phone 7. A sizable 66% of you thought it was better than you had hoped, 28% were expected exactly what was shown and only 6% were unimpressed--numbers which seem to reflect the general consensus that Microsoft nailed the gaming side of Windows Phone 7.

All in all, interesting stuff!