Update: And with just hours left to go in the auction, the listing has been pulled. Can't say we're too surprised. Nov. 4, here we come.

If you can't wait just a little bit longer to get your hands on the AT&T Fuze (Or Touch Pro, or Touch Pro Fuze, or Touch Fuze — whatever you want to call the carrier's release of the HTC device — one has been spotted on eBay. [via WM Poweruser]

The auction ends Monday at 9:04 p.m. EDT/6:04 p.m. PDT and was at $400 at the time of this writing. That'd be more than reasonable for an off-contract (though we assume still carrier-locked) HTC Touch Pro. The packaging and marketing materials make it look like a full-on production device and not a pre-release unit.

That said, this is eBay we're talking about, and the first line in the description is a wee bit curious:

You are bidding on a brand new HTC Touch Pro Fuze that has been designed for the AT&T network. I used this phone for one day to test and it is a fantastic device. Unfortunately my company works only on the Blackberry platform so I can't use it for my company e-mail.

That furrow your brow a little? Caveat emptor, of course.

Even if you're not planning on bidding, go on over and check out the auction page, if only to see some new pics of the phone.

Reminder: Sprint customers can pick up the Touch Pro starting Sunday!