Updated Podcatcher : Grab those podcasts

This is something that we have been keeping a close eye on for a while. The app, as the name of it suggests is for subscribing and downloading your favourite podcasts. Things have been moving fairly swiftly from this developer and we’re today seeing some important updates to bring it up to version 1.3.

The app itself has a simple but effective UI and allows the ability to search, subscribe and update automatically. The full list of updates and details follow.

I have been using the app since it was first released to marketplace, the rapidity of the updates has caught my eye and I look forward to reviewing it when it matures a little more. For now things are coming along nicely and I find myself reaching for this over other solutions.

If you’re using your Windows Phone with a US account or just live in the US, apps for podcasting might seem a little moot due to the excellent built in subscription system. For those of us outside the US apps like this are essential for grabbing a podcast or two.

Updated Podcatcher : Grab those podcasts

Changes in this update include:

  • Podcast episode description view with download button.
  • Added settings: auto-continue playback from last saved position, clean old played episodes and try to use cellular data for downloading.
  • Change main view pivot headers to match Windows Phone style.
  • Fixes for crash in Windows Phone 8.
  • Bug fixes

The app is still in its early stages and it does show in many places, the marketplace reviews will attest to that but it has promise. It currently costs US $1.49 but there is a trial mode which allows you to have two podcast subscriptions. I suggest strongly you try it before taking the plunge as it may not be for you. We really like what we see so far and look forward to more updates soon.

You can download Podcatcher from the Windows Phone Store here.

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