Back in March we made mention of the slide to unlock utility, S2U2. It's a home grown application that brings an iPhone-esque slide lock to your Windows Mobile phone. Well, the application was recently updated to address some of the bugs the previous version possessed. S2U2 version 1.62 most notably addresses the occasional system hangups on the Caller ID screen.

This is actually the second update of this application since we first brought it to your attention. Previous updates have added more features to S2U2 such as adding smaller styled clocks to the unlock screen, adding the option for a second clock display, adding an option to set the vibration LED, and several other option add-ons and bug fixes. There were times with the previous versions where the system hesitated a little, as if it was trying to determine if the screen should be locked or not, but with the updated version everything seems to run smoother (as expected).

As a side note, I'm using this on the AT&T Fuze that's running the leaked Test ROM, that has a slide to answer feature. If you are running this ROM, you need to disable S2U2's Caller ID/Slide to Answer feature to avoid conflicts.