Here are 371 seconds of the Zune HD and its gorgeous Tegra-powered OLED screen, showing off the spectacular UI improvements. [Techflash via wmpoweruser]

And speaking of the Zune HD, it's now available for pre-order ahead of the Sept. 15 launch. The 16-gigabyte model runs $220, and the $290 will buy you 32 gigs.

That not enough? It also appears that Microsoft plans for honest-to-goodness apps on the Zune. Our pals at The iPhone Blog point us to a Daring Fireball piece that alleges Microsoft offered "a bucket of money" to the developer of an iPhone Twitter client to port the app over to the Zune. (We hope it's Tweetie.) We agree with our pal Rene Ritchie in that we're going to need to see a public SDK before we take any Zune app talk seriously. But with the expectation that Windows Mobile 7 will share Zune code, it may just be a matter of "when," not "if."

Still want more? How about a very intelligent read from GDGT's Peter Rojas, who calls on Microsoft to bring Zune support to the Mac, which we're fully behind. Microsoft is so close to launching a near-total winner of a product (minus a few niggles, capacity being one). Zune software for the Mac is a no-brainer at this point.

Microsoft: Do the right thing.

Update: You want an SDK? How about this? [via Daring Fireball]