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Microsoft announced that along with the launch of Windows 8, the software will be accompanied by a limited time offer for upgrade packages. The company reaffirmed earlier this month that that special pricing would end at some point in the future. This date of closing is soon approaching, so this article is to serve as a reminder to get in quick and snap up some Windows 8 upgrades before the price is raised.

After January 31st, the $40 we've grown accustomed to for Windows 8 will be raised to $120, and $200 for the Pro edition. February onwards will see the new pricing take place for those who are upgrading from previous versions of Windows. If you haven't already checked out the latest version of the desktop operating system from Microsoft, you don't have long left until the cost of doing so will become rather expensive.

Windows 8 Upgrade

If you're interested in upgrading an installation of Windows XP, Visa or 7 to Windows 8, you can take advantage of the $40 limited time offer for the remaining couple of days. Members of public who have been working with Windows 8 preview builds have all expired and those who are still using the software will experience system reboots every hour until an RMT version of Windows is installed.

It's worth noting that Microsoft has been selling upgrades to the latest version of Windows at a discounted price for many months now, providing consumers with ample time to purchase upgrades. Windows 8 offers a new interface and store for users to interact with when browsing for the latest apps and hitting up top games for some light-hearted enjoyment.

What do you make of the latest pricing for Windows 8 upgrades, too much? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

via: CNET; thanks, Kyle, for the tip!