Xbox One Digital TV Tuner

Microsoft announced a ton of upcoming features for its Xbox One console earlier this week, and lots of headlines were generated on the news that the console would be able to stream live TV shows to its Windows, iOS and Android SmartGlass app. Unfortunately, those headlines glossed over the fact that this kind of support won't be coming to the US market anytime soon.

Indeed, Microsoft announced on Tuesday that the mobile streaming TV feature will only be coming to the UK, France, Italy, Germany and Spain in October, and only if Xbox One owners purchase the optional Digital TV Tuner as well.So what about the US and the other countries where the Xbox One is, or soon will be sold? According to what a Microsoft spokesperson told Neowin:

"The ability to stream TV content to mobile devices depends on a number of factors related to licensing. This feature is launching first in the UFIGS markets, where the Xbox Digital TV Tuner will receive free OTA television. We are looking at how we can bring this to additional markets in the future."

In other words, this rather exciting new feature for the Xbox One won't be released in the US until a ton of licensing deals can be signed with the various cable and satellite TV providers. How do you feel about the US and most other countries being kept out of the loop for mobile TV streaming via the Xbox One for a while?

Source: Neowin