We've already talked about Mango's overhauled Live Tile/push system back during MIX11. The tile's ability to "flip" showing a second side really gives developers an extra option for displaying more information, not to mention it looks pretty darn cool (see the BBC Mango New Mobile; Weather Channel Mango).

Reader Justin contacted the USA Today Mobile devs with a feature request and he received a great response:

"Flipping livetile to show current weather on back once the mango update arrives. This would be a worthwhile feature.

Thank you for all your excellent work!"

"Hello, thanks for your feedback. You’ve read our minds with regard to Live Tile for Mango – what you described is exactly what we’re planning on J. Let us know if you think of anything else or if you run into any issues with the USA TODAY app.


Tim Carlson, USA TODAY Mobile"

That does sound pretty nifty to us. The USA Today app just received an update for a Live Tile and not only is it one of the best looking Windows Phone apps out there, their weather, provided by Accuweather, is very nicely implemented. It should be very exiting to see what other devs come up with one Mango hits.

Thanks, Justin F., for the heads up!