The AdDuplex team has posted an interesting article on their blog that goes into how some clicks aren’t registered in the system to maximise the user experience. Alan Mendelevich, a developer, explains:

As you probably know, there’s no multitasking in current version of Windows Phone. So as soon as you open a marketplace app via MarketplaceDetailTask the control is transferred to the MP app and the call to register the click on your server gets killed. There are 2 general ways to overcome this:

  1. Route all the taps through your web server.
  2. Delay opening the marketplace app until the click is registered with you server.

We’ve dismissed both of these approaches because of the effect they have on user experience and based on the understanding of what is the end goal for our clients.

The overall just of the click being counted is when a user taps on an advert, this click event is saved in Isolated Storage and the user is transferred to the Marketplace. Should that user return to the app where he/she performed the tap on the advert, the user is checked against a saved click. If one’s present it’s reported to the server.

Alan ran a short experiment to check how much CTR is actually lost due to the above user experience adjustments. Estimating from two identical adverts (one going to the Marketplace and the other via the web) Alan reached a conclusion that approximately 20% of the Marketplace links are not registered.

What do you think about this as a developer who uses the service? Should you have any suggestions or feedback, check the article via the link below to voice your opinion - every little shout helps.

Source: AdDuplex