Users reporting Outlook crashes after installing Windows security patches

It appears that a recent Windows security patch may be causing trouble for desktop Outlook users on all versions of Windows. Several users are reporting crashes for the email client after downloading Microsoft's security patches earlier this week. While there doesn't appear to be a clear culprit at the moment, one patch has been singled out by many users.

From ZDNet:

However, some on Twitter have pointed to MS15-115 (also known as KB3097877), a critical update affecting all versions of Windows, as the one to blame.The patch fixes a series of flaws that could allow an attacker to remotely execute code on an affected machine by exploiting how the operating system handles and displays fonts.

Microsoft appears to have pulled the files from their direct download links, though they seem to be available through Windows Update at this time. You can find more information on this issue both on Reddit and Microsoft's forums.

Are you having issues with Outlook after installing Microsoft's latest security patches? Let us know in the comments below.

Source: ZDNet

Joseph Keller