Valve, the company behind game distribution platform Steam, has announced a new hardware product called "Steam Link," which allows users to stream games from their PC directly to a TV in any room around their house.

The Steam Link works by streaming games from a connected PC over the same home network. Valve says that players will enjoy low-latency gaming with a max 1080p resolution at 60hz. Steam Link will be available in November of this year for a cool $50. In addition, the Steam Controller will be released right alongside the Steam Link for another $50.

In addition to the Steam Link, Valve officially took the wraps off of the next iteration of Source, the game engine behind a number of its in-house titles such as Left 4 Dead and Half Life 2. Hard details are light, but in a move to encourage content creation using Source 2, the company says that the engine will be available to developers for free.

Perhaps this is just a fantasy, but given Windows 10's ability to stream Xbox One games, it would definitely be interesting to see some sort of game-streaming partnership between Valve and Microsoft in the future. Again, that's probably a pipe-dream, but what do you guys think? Further, will you be picking up a Steam Link when it goes on sale in November? Let us know in the comments below.

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