I'm sure some (if not most) of the people eagerly awaiting this device are wandering if it's an elaborate plot by Verizon to (for some strange reason I can't quite think of) laugh at their customers in the continued torment that seems to be present. On the other hand, things could just be seriously messed up, and when have carriers ever got something right?

Wireless Vet, an active member on our forums, has received word from a HTC representative that the release date they're looking at is in fact - May 26th.

HTC rep says May 26 release date.

Rep states the phone just finished its official testing yesterday.

Our advice? Don't get your hopes up too much, we've followed the plethora of rumours and this should be taken lightly. Let's not forget the rumoured 19th date too, so if tomorrow doesn't display any sign of the HTC Trophy, then perhaps we have another week to run through. We'll keep you posted should anymore news show up.

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