Good news for those on Verizon who have anxiously awaited that ‘Portico’ OS update as not only do you get those new features, but evidently Big Red has given you some many unique fixes too.

The new features and improvements come with the radio/firmware portion of the update, which is an additional layer that brings some carrier-side requested fixes. 

The new firmware has the following changes:

Firmware: 1532.20.20011.605; Radio:

  • Wi-Fi and Bluetooth profile have been improved for performance.
  • Increased flexibility to manage browser history.
  • Added capability to select an MP3 file as a ring tone.
  • Incremental security feature allowing user to restrict calls to a limited list of numbers.
  • Messaging enhancements to allow user to edit an MMS while forwarding.
  • User can auto-retry with connectivity, multi-select recipients for a message and ignore
  • calls with SMS reply.

That later one, multi-select recipients for a message should go a long way to addressing a complaint that many folks had regarding Windows Phone on Verizon. We haven’t seen the change ourselves but presumably under the messaging options, grouping of messages may be fixed with this update (or at least improved).

Other additional features including selecting MP3 as a ringtone, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth profile fixes and restricting phone calls are also welcomed, though it remains to be see how those are instantiated.

That leads us to you sounding off in comments on your thoughts of the new update.

Source: Verizon; Thanks, Robert C., for the heads up!


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