SQUEEEE! We have a confirmed report that our hunch was right, the HTC Touch Diamond (see our video review here) and the HTC Touch Pro are coming to the US in CDMA flavors; What's more, they won't be stuck in purgatory Sprint-land either. The evidence comes courtesy of a Verizon Roadmap leaked to PhoneArena (by way of TreoCentral). As usual, they'll be showing up on Verizon under the UTStarcom moniker, which means there's a greater than 50/50 chance they'll drop the cool names for something like XV720957298 or whatever.

Oh, the roadmap also reveals that big V will get the Treo 800w.

ETAs, prices, ...pretty much every other detail you want are still unknown.

Update: It's doesn't hurt that the Touch Pro in CDMA flavor was just approved by the FCC, either.

Thanks to Jennifer for the tip!