As we get close to the big Windows Phone 8 announcement next week, certain bits of info are starting to leak out. Case in point, Verizon has been a sieve lately and now we have what looks to be some credible info on two important aspects: pricing and availability.

First up is the expected release date: Monday, November 12th. That coincides with some other info we were tipped on including Verizon employee training that is occurring now and an HTC “Save the date” for the 6th. While AT&T is presumably still beating Verizon here for a launch, it is by mere days. In fact, T-Mobile is then expected to launch their phones just 48 hours later.


Next up are devices and price points:

And sorry folks, there is no Samsung ATIV S, which as far as we can tell is completely MIA from the US lineup. That of course could just mean a later release due to some issues with Samsung. It also shoots a hole in PhoneArena's original tip, which stated that Verizon would get that device and the Lumia 920.

RUM: 8

As you can see, colors are also mentioned:

  • Nokia Lumia 822: White, Grey and Black
  • HTC 8X: Blue, Black and Red (no Limelight Yellow)

Pricing is a bit higher than we anticipated, with the Lumia 822 coming in about $50 more than what was originally hinted at. Likewise with the HTC 8X.

Of course, things can move so until Verizon announces anything on Windows Phone 8, don't bet on it 100%.

So what does everyone think? Are prices too high? Selection not enough? Sound off in comments. 

Source: Android Central