HTC 8X and Lumia 822

Verizon HTC 8X (L) and the Nokia Lumia 822 (R)

As we get closer and closer to the big Windows Phone 8 reveal on Monday, some more tidbits are coming out about Verizon.

In this case, a tipster sent us these lovely photos of the HTC 8X (in “California Blue”) and the all-white Lumia 822, a phone of which we have never seen “real” photos of before but only a render in white. Personally, we think the device looks darn good in white and is a better choice than black (the other color it comes in).

Other info: the tipster confirms the leaked prices we had from earlier in the week. The Lumia 822 will be $99 on contract while the HTC 8X will go for $199—substantially more, but worth it for some due to its eye-catching looks and higher specs.

HTC 8XAlthough we saw Verizon’s internal docs point to a November 12th release, our insider states it is now November 8th.

Combined with the rumor of AT&T’s shifting dates, we wouldn’t necessarily doubt that info as these are merely time-frames for the carriers. It should be well known that Verizon is currently training its reps on the new OS, so we do know release is imminent and the 8th is possible.

There's also mention of a mysterious Samsung device that will be free on the carrier. Of course that is not the Samsung ATIV S but rather some other phone we have not yet seen. If true, Verizon will launch with three Windows Phones this time, a number much higher than the last attempt (cough).

To our eyes, all of this says that Microsoft, the carriers and the OEMs are scrambling to get all of this together and for all of them to be on the same page for launch day. Either way, we’ll find out more soon.

Thanks, 'BigRed', for the info and pics