Let's be honest here: when the Verizon 700wx received an inexplicably late update to Windows Mobile 6 last week, you were likely filled with an unsettling admixture of glee and fear. The optimist in you said “There must have been some mega-corporation that uses the 700wx and needed this update.” The pessimist (when he got done wondering why it was WM6 instead of WM6.1) said “Verizon has to get the 700wx up to WM6 because they took a flier on the Treo 800w.” Despite Verizon sightings and leaked presentations, deep down you suspected that the big V might be willing to ignore the Treo 800w.

Well, stop that, stop it right now. Our new BFF Scott decided to quash that feeling and started chatting up Verizon reps. With the tenacity and rhetorical flair of a consummate debate king, he managed to get a rep to break from the standard script and admit that, yes, a new Treo is coming in the next month or so, and yes, it will be the 800w.

Scott, however, knows that your standard Verizon representative is a wily character, capable of guile and, yes, even lies. So he confirmed it twice more -- three separate reps verifying that it's due within “a few weeks” to “a month” and that it will definitely be the Treo 800w, not the rumored CDMA version of the Treo Pro.

If it were released next month, that would account for a 3 month (give or take) exclusive with Sprint, a time period that seems like the natural length for exclusivity.

So take all that for what it's worth, but we at WMExperts are firmly moving the Verizon Treo 800w into the “very probable” category. October should be a fun month. Meanwhile, big ups to Scott for doggedly pursuing the truth and to all three loose-lipped Verizon representatives, who showed that they can leak about everything, not just the BlackBerry Storm.