We haven’t talked much about the Verizon Lumia 822, the customized Nokia 820 that the massive US carrier picked up a few months ago. The phone seems to have done quite well as we even know a few previous Android users to pick one up. But with the impending launch of Samsung’s entry-level Odyssey, it looks like Nokia is trying to get ahead by cutting its price from $49 to free on contract.

Heading to Verizon’s website we can now see the lower price, which evidently dropped somewhat recently (or we missed it). By comparison, the HTC 8X with its high resolution display (and arguably nicer aesthetics) fetches for $99 on contract.

Granted you could pick it up on Amazon Wireless or Wirefly for the same price but for the majority of folks, walking into a Verizon store is still the main method by which to purchase a new phone—in that sense, lower price point equals better.

There’s no doubt that Nokia will want to position the Lumia 822 better for when Samsung’s 4” Odyssey comes out, which is also expected to be free on contract. The difference of course is the 822 comes with somewhat better services like Nokia Drive+ for free in addition to all of the Nokia Collection apps, something which Sammy can’t really compete on. The Lumia 822 also has an 8MP rear camera, larger display and the ability for wireless charging (optional) making it quite possibly the better deal between the two phones.

Source: Verizon; Thanks, truedesi, for the heads up!

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