Nokia Icon

We have an interesting conversation going on over in the Windows Phone Central forums debating on whether or not the new Verizon Nokia Icon is too boxy.

WPCentral member Keith Petrovich poses the question after visiting the local Microsoft Store. The lack of colors also comes into question after seeing all the color choices with the Lumia 1520 and 1020 models.

The Nokia Icon’s design is more “boxy” than previous Nokia Windows Phone models and some will say it has a slight resemblance to the current run of iPhones. The slightly curved edges of previous Nokia Windows Phones such as the Lumia 920 gave the phone a comfortable feel in the hand. While boxy in design, if the Icon is equally comfortable, does it even matter?

As far as the lack of color is concerned, we have seen limitations on colors before with Lumia Windows Phones such as the AT&T Nokia Lumia 925. Still, it would be nice to see a red Verizon Icon hit the shelves.

Dan was very impressed with the new Verizon Windows Phone and the lack of curved edges and color didn’t seem to be an issue in his review of the Icon. Personally, I like the curvature of the Lumia 1020 and 920 but wouldn’t mind seeing a variation of the Icon hit AT&T (as long as they keep the Qi wireless intact). I think the 5” screen makes up for the more “boxy” look.

But, what say you? Is the Verizon Nokia Icon too boxy or does it matter as long as the Icon feels good in the hand?

Join in on the discussion here in the WPCentral Forums and let us know what you think.