Lumia 929

Nokia has an array of hardware to unveil at its event in Abu Dhabi. On October 22nd, we can also look forward to the Lumia 929. Pictured previously in black, we've now got the above render of the handset in white (matching an earlier leak), courtesy of the Evleaks Twitter account. While we should always take rumours with a grain of salt, the Twitter profile has a strong track record.

We've also been able to confirm, through our own sources, the date of November 6th is listed for the "phablet" device, which may range in the 5-inch range as opposed to AT&T’s expected 6-inch device codenamed “Beastie” (also known as the Lumia 1520). The off-contract price is $500 and while we await for the product to be officially announced with specifications confirmed, we expect this to be a more conservative Windows Phone. 

Source: Evleaks (Twitter); thanks, kbilly70, for the tip!