A couple of policy changes are taking shape over at Verizon, as first spied by the Boy Genius Report. First, with regards to Verizon's rebate policy, is that all rebate forms now must be submitted alongside a copy of the relevant customer agreement. That means you have to have a new contract (or re-up on a current one). Before, you could buy a phone at the full off-contract price and still collect a rebate. (Not that any of our readers *cough* would ever do that.) So: loophole closed.

Next is the change in policy with regards to Verizon's Test Drive Program. Effective February 15, 2009, Verizon will be discontinuing this program, which allowed new customers to try out Verizon's services for 30 days, risk-free. If you weren't satisfied, Verizon would waive the wireless access and usage charges, and you'd quietly go your separate ways. After the 15th, you'll have to pay those fees if you opt out. Verizon notes that the Test Drive Program remains in effect for new lines of service that activate up to and including February 14, 2009, and port out within 30 days of the activation date. So, if you're thinking of giving Verizon a test drive without penalty, Valentines Day is the cutoff. 

Another change in store for the 15th involves the New Every Two Program, which discounts new phones when you re-up every two years. Customers with an existing monthly calling plan that is $79.99 or greater currently enjoy a $100 discount on new handsets. Effective February 15, this discount will drop to $50. Customers with a $34.99 to $79.99 plan who have enjoyed a $50 discount will now settle for a $30 discount. Bottom line, if you're eligible for the NE2 discounts and are considering changing phones, to get the most out of this program you might want to visit your local Verizon Store before February 15.